Friday, October 4, 2013

Christmas & Birthday............

Not long in between postings this time.....I must be getting better and I just hope it lasts...LOL

 I'm just popping in quickly today to upload two recently made cards for you to have a look-see. Both cards were made with files from Craftsuprint one a cutting file and the other a pyrimage sheet (hope that's the right spelling) goes....

This has been added to my slow growing Christmas card pile...daren't think of the number I still have left to make...will have to get a move on soon because as they say "time waits for no man" or woman as the case may be...LOL

It took me ages to find this grandson is learning to play the drums at school and I wanted something featuring them...I usually base my birthday cards around their interests at the time...I hope he likes it....!!  I did a nice insert for the card too but had yet another one of my "senior moments" and didn't take a photo....doh!!  

Anyways that's me for the time being...will be back soon...thank you for visiting hope you call again.....take care...!!


  1. I love both cards Maureen. Very creative, the edge on the first card is so pretty. Fab 2nd card love the colours.

  2. Both cards look great, Maureen & I agree with Helen's comments too. I think a lot of us have what could be described as a 'senior moment', LOL. - Sometimes it is more having to multi-task which causes problems. LOL.
    Tine :)