Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello Again...

I wanted to update this earlier today but haven't had a chance...been a funny day I might add...maybe a lot to do with not being up to par and an almost sleepless night...and its surprising what you do when the worlds asleep and you're not...I made umpteen cards, a couple of scrapbook layouts and refurbished my craft-room/3rd bedroom.....all in my head of course!! lol   Hmm...I will have to have a word with the OH about the craft-room.  lol

Before I go and busy myself making the tea I'm going to upload my latest scrapbook lay-out...not the one in my one I made last week at Scrap-booking  Club.  Its my step-granddaughter Laura on her School Prom Night I'm pleased with how its turned out...hope you like it too.

Hopefully will be back shortly. 

Friday, November 20, 2009


I haven't updated my blog for a while...I don't seem to have enough hours in the day at the moment...but I wont be on my own on that score I'm sure of that. lol   I've been spending a lot of my time trying to come to grips with my new toy, "Robo" amazed at how many tutorials and videos there are out there for him...but not doing too bad even if I do say so myself...still have a long long way to go yet though.  They say that  "If at first you don't succeed.....give up and open a bottle of white!!   Actually I read that on one of the forums and thought it was quite funny...and apt maybe. lol  

To get to the matter in hand now...OH is golfing today so I thought I'd use the time and the peace to catch up on a few hopping and such...also hoping to do a bit of crafting this afternoon...right now though I'm going to try to upload some of my recent "makes"....hope you like!!


The above cards were made with sheets from Nicole...a very talented lady I have to say...she makes some stunning sheets for us, I love her work.  You'll get to her site here  and I'm certain you'll enjoy looking.

Another card made with one of Shirley Anne's templates you'll find's well worth spending a little time looking at the templates there I can assure you.....enjoy!!

Have a lovely weekend...may be back this space! lol



Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Another First

Well here it first card made with my newly acquired Robo.  The template was a download from UKScrappers and was posted there as a freebie by Shirley Anne.....thank you Shirley Anne.  Its not a brilliant card but I will get better......honest I will !!  lol  Even now I see what I "cudda shudda" done to improve it but as I said I hopefully will get better.....and no doubt I will be posting more cards "Robo" will help me make....."he's" really quite addictive!  Watch this space. 

Friday, November 6, 2009


Haven't done any updating for a while so I've been having a little play around today and have added a slide-show of some of the cards I've made since I got into paper crafting.....not sure I like this format now I've done it though...but it will have to do for now as they say.  lol  

Hopefully I'll get around to putting some more cards on the and when I get them done....have to get cracking on my Christmas cards soon though or I'll be in one mad rush....don't know where the time goes!!

Hope you have a great weekend.