Friday, December 4, 2009

What A Week...

As the title says.....what a week...I've been "meeting myself coming back" and no mistake! lol   I've being trying for days to find enough time to do an update and finally here I am.  I'm going to have a bit of a "rant" to start off with to let anyone whose interested know what I've been up to...then I'm going to upload some of my "makes" again.

It's been a pretty full week...besides the usual day to day events we've had our Spanish class, a practice session with the British Legion bowling league, a social night bowling with OH's golf society (guess where he is today! lol) and pottery painting where I finally painted another small gecko to compliment the larger one 'lurking' on my front porch wall.  Also last Friday night we went to see a show at the theatre down in the village...there was no charge, the show was subsidised and has been touring around Almeria telling the history of Flamenco dance, it was really good too...we really enjoyed the show.  I would have still gone, even with an entrance fee, I love Flamenco!!

The time is just flying by I think everyone will I've already mentioned in an earlier posting I still haven't finished my Christmas cards...I promised myself I would be on top of things this year...I'd make them in a constant stream through the year...but as they say "the best laid plans......"  I'm thinking it'll be New Year before I've sorted myself out for Christmas!!  No doubt I'll get there in the end though......hopefully. lol

On a non-craft subject the weather here has turned really 'iffy'...I think winter has caught up with us...the fire's been on in the evenings these past few days. Brrrr!!  We've had the rain, didn't mind that though and really strong winds, didn't like that at all...mind you things weren't too bad outside apart from most of the plants in pots went over plus the garden swing and that is quite heavy....but this time we didn't have to fish anything out of the pool...sometimes its mayhem when we get the really strong winds in the valley!!  lol  Saying all that though we cant really grumble we've had some absolutely great weather since May/June.

I was doing a bit of blog hopping earlier and on CarolRob's blog she asked who had got their Christmas decorations up.....forgot to answer that question when I left my comments.....but no Carol I have not even thought about decorations yet!!  The one thing I do do every year is on the 1st December I start playing my Christmas music...I play it each's my little tradition...can't tell you how many times I've seen my sons roll their eyes when they were younger after hearing them for a few days!! lol 

Well my little "rant" as promised is over, I'm going to upload my "makes" and then I'm going to get something to eat...feeling a bit peckish now.  



The Christmas fairy card was made with a Robo base card template posted on UKScrappers by SylviaF and the fairy decoupage I used was a sheet I had amongst my stash.  Sorry but I can't remember where I got it...but love the image!   The decoupage fairy on the birthday card is another of my "mysteries"....must have got them before I started noting where I got things from...but I thank whoever the sheets came from!!   The Christmas wishes card was another Robo  (don't you just love him! lol) template posted on UKScrappers by Fuschia....thank you both!  Last but not least..."Baby Gecko"...hope you like!!

I'm now going to go and make my lunch...but may be back groans at the back there!! lol  Bye.


  1. Hi Maureen, some more lovely cards and i love the lizard ceramic! I remember seeing living ones running along the roadside when i spent my holiday's in Spain many years ago :>) I also love the flamenco dancers, they are so magical!
    Hope your mojo returns Maureen and you get your Xmas celebrations on track :>)

    Carole x

  2. Hi Maureen, like the christmassy blog, some nice cards posted, and such a busy week you have had. Look forward to having a coffee with you on Thursday.

    Carol X