Monday, November 23, 2009

Hello Again...

I wanted to update this earlier today but haven't had a chance...been a funny day I might add...maybe a lot to do with not being up to par and an almost sleepless night...and its surprising what you do when the worlds asleep and you're not...I made umpteen cards, a couple of scrapbook layouts and refurbished my craft-room/3rd bedroom.....all in my head of course!! lol   Hmm...I will have to have a word with the OH about the craft-room.  lol

Before I go and busy myself making the tea I'm going to upload my latest scrapbook lay-out...not the one in my one I made last week at Scrap-booking  Club.  Its my step-granddaughter Laura on her School Prom Night I'm pleased with how its turned out...hope you like it too.

Hopefully will be back shortly. 


  1. Lovely LO Maureen, i see you added the jornalling, nice font.

    Your blog is looking great!!!!

    Carol X

  2. Hi Maureen, your blog is starting to fill up and looking great, i love to read about what you've been doing.
    The SBP is great, she is a beautiful young girl and it shows her perfectly --lovely to look back on in years to come !

    Carolerob x