Friday, December 18, 2009

Just A Quick Update

The song said "It started with a kiss"...well my week "started with a bang"...literally...Monday morning, was the loudest clap of thunder I can remember hearing...wondered what on earth was happening!! LOL  Not the  best way to wake up I might add.   All's calmed down now though, the weather's been cold but dry here its really grey out there though.

Had our Spanish lesson Tuesday evening and was informed that the village Mayor had agreed with Luis, our Spanish teacher, to pay for us to have a little Christmas party next week instead of our usual lesson.  Was really surprised he'd agreed to pay for will include Luis' Spanish and English pupils...will be interesting...looking forward to it.

Since Tuesday both myself and OH have had this 'fluey type' cold that's been doing the rounds here...why is it that a simple cold can make you feel so yuk and miserable. LOL  One thing to be grateful for is that we shouldn't be feeling like this over the Christmas festivities!!  Hopefully we wont anyway!!

Will upload a couple of things over the next couple of until then I'll say bye for now.  

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