Sunday, December 13, 2009


Well the weekend is almost over...feeling a wee bit tired at the minute, had another one of my "cant get to sleep" nights last night...and its certainly true the more you "stress" about it the more you keep yourself awake.  It must be everything that's going around in my head at the minute...I don't know, but I don't like it though...its not one of my favourite situations to be in so to speak!!

We had our normal bowling practice this afternoon and I was as near to rubbish as you can get.  lol   Actually that's a slight exaggeration I must admit...but I cant say I was on top form either...the best part of it was going out for Sunday lunch afterwards...thats the bit I do best!!  lol

I've finally finished the Christmas cards that had to be posted to the UK...they are well and truly on their way...I can relax a little now, just one or two to make for friends in Spain.  If I dare say it next year I'm definitely going to start making my cards early!!  OH YES I AM!!  lol

Now to the matter in hand, the cards I said I was going to upload....they're the Christmas cards I made for my two grandsons...I quite like the style of card I used...hope they like them too.

Hopefully will be back sometime during the week with another update. Enjoy what's left of the weekend.  Bye for now! 

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  1. Like the style of cards you have mad for your 2 grandsons, I hope they like them too!!!

    Carol X