Friday, March 12, 2010


Just another quickie visit in case anyone who reads my blog regularly wonders if I'm still around - LOL.

I really am a total let down just now re my blog and crafting...just cant get myself into gear and I'm going to end up in true panic mode real soon!! I've quite a few cards to make too...specials as I call them...meaning family...three of them for next week and at present I'm sat in my craftroom surrounded by everything I need for the job in card etc...and really really wishing I had a magic wand!!!!! Lol Lol.

Oh well never mind I'm going to go now and make myself something to eat...brain!!! Well that's what my mum used to say it was...many many years ago - Lol.

I wont say hopefully...I'll say I will definitely have something to show you next week...and I haven't got my fingers crossed either!! Lol

Take care and have a lovely weekend.

Maureen x

Must have the gremlins in for some reason I've lost my orignal signature.

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