Friday, October 28, 2011

Under Dappled Shadows............

.....has to be one of my favourite kits at the its only natural that I had to keep having a play as they just love it...and yes you're right I'm going to post some digi pages I made with said kit...!!

Hope you enjoyed looking and even better hope you liked them. As I said they were made using the "Under Dappled Shadows" kit designed by Lorie Davison. Very talented lady...!

Haven't been updating my blog of late for various reasons...was without the internet for almost a week...ugh...went away for a few days and now just getting back into the swing of things. Everything is going pretty well at the minute but had a bit of a fright early hours Tuesday morning...had an earthquake in our was bad enough to give me one heck of a scare at the time...!! Anyways things are okay now.

Sorry bit of an abrupt ending to this post but have to go now so until next time take care and have a great weekend...!!

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