Tuesday, January 5, 2010

I'm Back Again.....

As I wrote earlier I'd be back to post a couple or so images of my recent (or not so recent)"makes".  I hope you enjoy looking...and I sincerely hope you'll feel free to leave any comment you may have about them.

 This card I made for my youngest son's birthday last month....a great sport lover you'll no doubt realise.  I made the card using a template that seemed to be very popular the latter end of last year.

My eldest son's birthday card for last month...both birthdays are within 5 days of each other.  The background was from Greetings Card Factory.

I made these New Year cards with my Robo using a template that Shirley Anne had kindly posted in the freebies section on UKScrappers.  I don't as a rule send New Year cards but I forgot two of the people I have sent Christmas cards to for years.  Couldn't believe I did that...I don't know whether to put it down to a "senior moment" or that I wasn't feeling too good. LOL

This card is for my sister's birthday tomorrow...I sent it in plenty of time or so I thought but as yet she hasn't received it. It looks nicer in the flesh so to speak...hasn't photographed too well though.  The mat was made with Robo using an element from a template by SylviaF that again I got from UKScrappers...the decoupage was from Nicole.  I really do hope the card does arrive because last year's card didn't get to her...was pretty upset about that...but I've had cards not being received more than once or twice since we moved here.  Anyway lets keep fingers crossed!!!

Now for something different!!

Two of my projects from "Ladies Night" at Simply Art.  The Nativity was an ongoing project during last year and I really enjoyed painting it.  This year I'm going to attempt to paint The Three Kings...that's a big project...its the Kings and three camels...and it's beautiful when you see it finished.  One of the ladies painted it last year and it looked absolutely stunning.  The tea-light holder was in fact a Christmas tree, which a few of the ladies painted as Christmas trees...but I thought I'd paint mine in the colours to match the jug/vase and tray for my bathroom that I posted on my blog last October.  Well sometimes you just have to be a little bit different don't you!! LOL

Well that's about it for now unless I remember something later...hope you've enjoyed looking at my blog.  Will be back soon for another update. 

Bye for now...take care.



  1. Hi Maureen, I'm sorry i've neglected visiting your blog! got to say i love all the cards you have posted also i love your painted pottery -- i also love the colour you have painted your xmas tree -- i think it will look good in your bedroom !
    Thank you for visiting my blog and best wishes for the New Year !

    Carole x

  2. The nativity and xmas tree are stunning Maureen, the nativity would look great with the 3 kings. Your cards are beautiful (as always)
    Carol X