Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I haven't posted and updated my blog for a while I know but I'm here now to wish you all a belated HAPPY NEW YEAR hope the year is a very happy and healthy one for you!

I hope you had a lovely enjoyable Christmas...seems like an age ago now but ours was a fairly quiet affair...we went out for Christmas lunch with friends...and then back to theirs for a bit of socialising and a "stay-over"...we really enjoyed ourselves.  Made a few phone calls to the UK and on Boxing Day had a video call with our grandsons.  Hopefully we're spending next Christmas and New Year in the UK...Christmas just doesn't have the same feel for me over here I'm afraid.  New Year was much the same...went out for dinner with our friends and had the usual "stay-over"...that is usually the norm because they live a bit away from us.

Haven't had chance to do much crafting lately but have promised myself I will knuckle-down and do more this year...I've made a birthday card for my sister and have a couple of other things I'm going to upload carried away catching up with my blog-hopping this morning and now I have to go but will be back in a short while.

Bye for now.

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