Saturday, October 13, 2012

An Assortment Of Cards Part 1......

Hi and a good afternoon to one and all.....that is if anyone is out there...LOL

Well my sister and her hubby are back in the UK...went back last Sunday...the last of my visitor's for this year...I love it when the family come over to see us. Going back to their stay though we had one humdinger of a storm...we picked them up from the airport on the Thursday and in the early hours of Friday morning the storm started...I wont go into a blow by blow account of it though suffice to say it wasn't very nice...we didn't have the terrible floods that occured for some because we live on higher ground but we were cut off from the village for a fact we couldn't get anywhere because of road closures...we were without water for 6 days but fortunately didn't lose the electricity which was a big surprise.  Thankfully we didn't have any real damage either but did have a bit of clearing up to do.  We were so lucky because when you see and read about the devastation others experienced it's terrible... it made our experience pale into insignificance that I can tell you...!!  Things are beginning to settle down now and we are able to get to places again but there are still a lot of diversions in place as there are so many roads under repair or waiting to be or two of them you just wonder how they are going to do it.

Now something a bit more uplifting...well sort of...this Christmas and the New Year we will be spending in the UK...yes, yes, that's something nice we have to look forward will be our lovely Laila's first Christmas too.  I can't wait to have another little cuddle with her...we see her on Skype regularly but it's not the same is it...she's coming along great...she's 7 months now...can't remember if I said that in my last posting...I know I'm biased  but she's just gorgeous...!!!!!

And now to the matter in hand...upload some of my here goes.....

The silhouette cards were cut on my Craft Robo...he's so glad to have been dusted off and being loved again...LOL...!!  Almost forgot all sheets for the cards were purchased from CraftsUPrint...there is a link on the top of the right sidebar if anyone is interested.

That's me for today folks...will be back again tomorrow...enjoy the rest of your day...thanks for popping in and please call again...take care...!!

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