Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm Back.........

I really don't know where my time is going just lately I just can't seem to catch up and I'm neglecting this blog yet the start of the year my intention was to be really good and regularly update...I haven't put that into effect as yet as you can see...LOL

Anyways I'm not going to beat myself up about it I'll just get on and post the cards I've made is for my sister and hubby's anniversary in March and there's two baby cards one of which is intended for our new grandchild due in February...and as the baby's sex is not known I made the same card for a boy and for a girl. We're going over to the UK for a month in a couple of weeks and I'm so looking forward to it I can tell you...!! Before I upload the cards though I'm going to post a picture of the money box I painted for the baby at the pottery painting evening I go to...there's a bit of a story behind the name "Happy Feet"...the story being is that on Paula's visit to the hospital for her first scan they had to wait for quite a while for the baby to settle down so the nurse could do what she had to son said the baby looked as though it was dancing...and so since then it has been affectionately known as "Happy Feet"...LOL.......

.......and me being me I just couldn't resist doing it...LOL.....and now for the cards.....the sheets can be found at CraftsuPrint if anyone is is top right of the blog.

Well that's it for now I hope you enjoyed looking...I hope it's not too long before I'm back again fingers crossed...have a great weekend...take care...!!


  1. Good Morning! I just thought I would drop in and say hi and thank you for stopping and leaving a comment on my blog. You make such beautiful cards Maureen! I wish I had your talent for card making. I Really love you Happy Feet little pig!! He is adorable and the baby will love it.
    Have a great day. Hugs Donna

  2. You are so welcome, Maureen. Don't forget to come by on a daily basis to my site. I offer free word art daily. Hugs, Sue @ grands9creations.