Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Hello again........

Another card and a scrapbook page from not so sunny Spain to show you...the weather is awful at the minute but I have to say not half as bad as it is in the looks really dreadful by what we've been seeing on the news. Hope you dont have to suffer it for too long.

Well down to what I came on here uploads...the card is for my nephew who's birthday it is on Thursday hope he still likes Ben 10 I should really have checked first.

I received another FSB....the Featured Scrapbook for today....thrilled again...but it was only on a second thought that I uploaded it to DaisyTrail...I didn't really do the page to upload it...I was just having a mess around with various elements from different kits but then I thought well I wont lose anything by doing so and as I've said it got me the The children in the picture are my grandchildren.

Well this was a quick visit but that's it for today I'm afraid....until next time thank you for stopping by...take care!

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  1. Great card Maureen ---i'm sure your nephew will love it.

    Carole x