Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Finally New Cards...and a bit of a chat!!

I know I've been very lax in updating this blog of mine of late...apologies...but here's a surprise I've actually three cards to upload was for my niece, one for my son and the other for my grandson Ryan. The decoupage sheets apart from the Man United one were freebie downloads from The Papercraft Tutor. I'm also uploading a couple or so of my recent digi scrapbook pages.....I'm really getting to enjoy doing them. Hope anyone who reads my blog.....that's if anyone you enjoy looking at my efforts!!

We had a great time when my sister and hubby were visiting.....they're back home in the UK now but it wont be too long before we're seeing everyone I've mentioned in a previous posting we're spending Christmas and the New Year in the UK......I'm really looking forward to that. On Sunday we have my son and girlfriend coming over for a visit...they're only here for a week this time...he wants to get some golfing in with his dad......that'll be the last of our visitors for this year.

We've had quite a busy time of it over the summer months and this couple or so weeks but I must admit enjoyable.

I had a brilliant day last Saturday...spent the day being well and truly pampered.....among the treatments I had was a facial, a massage, a bit of reflexology and a stint in the gym and hot tub.....I could really get used to all was great !! Never spent a day like that before but I'd certainly do it again.

Well as promised here's my uploads.....hope to upload again soon.....I keep saying that don't I but now I'm beginning to have a bit more time it just could happen...LOL !!

Thank you for popping by.....I hope you will stop and leave me a comment or two.....gets a bit lonely in "blogland" at times...LOL...until next time.....take care!!

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