Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I'm back in Blogland..........

I've had quite a long absence from "blogging" thats for sure.....but I'm back now and looking forward to having a really good wont be so difficult to turn my attention to it either seeing as hubby is giving his undying attention to the TV and the World Cup.......LOL !!

Have had quite a busy time of it.....unfortunately not craft-wise sister and brother-in-law have been visiting us this last fortnight.....had a fabulous time......had a few trips out and about........soaked up the sun as you do.......there were a couple of days where the weather was a bit "iffy" but otherwise it's been fantastic. They've gone back to the UK today. We're going to miss them.....we always have a great time when they're here.......though its not all bad they're back again for 10 days at the end of September. (We got back from the airport a short while ago.....TV was turned on as soon as we got through the door...England's playing.....LOL !!!) My youngest son comes over with his girlfriend three weeks on Saturday so I will have to have a few intense craft sessions before then......LOL !!

On that note I will say bye for now just thought I'd make a quick visit to show I'm still around......will be back soon with something to show.....I'm going to have a bit of a blog hop I must have missed such a lot. Until then thank you for popping by.....and take care!!

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  1. I've missed seeing your posts! Hope you get some crafting time in.