Tuesday, October 6, 2009

First Post

This is really out of my comfort zone I'll admit but started this blog anyway and cant believe I've actually got it up and running.....well with the help of my new friend Sylvia R I the patience of a saint she has. lol  Dont know exactly what I'm going to add to it or how often but I'll have a little...or even a big think about it whilst we are over in the UK.  Not long now!!!

I may even dare show some of the cards and other projects I've  been doing.....what I'd do without my crafts doesn't bear thinking about. lol  As you'll see I'm new to this so please bear with me and I hope you will pop in to see what I've been up to from time to time.

Maureen x



  1. Welcome to blog world Maureen.....well done you I'm so proud of you and its always a pleasure to help
    I'm so proud to be the first to comment as well as your follower.

    Love the layout and everything about your new blog, will be popping in again.

    Sylvia R XXX

  2. Hi Maureen a big welcome to the blog world from another newby at blogging. Sylvia gave me the link --- look forword to following your blog!

    Carole x

  3. Thank you both for the kind comments you've posted. Sorry for being a while in acknowledging your comment Sylvia but as you know have been in the UK...and Carole I look forward to seeing your blog will take a look as soon as I get the link...will ask Sylvia for it. Looking forward to some serious blogging now!!! lol

    Maureen x